Skipper Creek Persians

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Available Kittens

Kittens have arrived !!!
Prices are $900-$1,050 (pet only) or $1300-$1500 (breeding/show rights)
***10% Discount Offered for referrals and repeat buyers/breeders ***

OpalAnnies "Ari" of SkipperCreek
(Black/white Van female persian born to Wuv-Paws Frostee of Precious Cats and Desert Beam Penne of OpalAnnies) 
Kelley Katz "Ojo" of SkipperCreek
(Flame point male persian born to CH Sache Heaven Canwait and Angel Paws Grace of Kelly Katz)

Ari (dam) and Ojo (sire) are two of the most obedient, loving and friendly members of our persian family, and we are so excited to welcome their new beautiful babies into the world!!!
*** Ari & Ojo's litter of four beautiful babies - 2 Calicos, 1 Tuxedo and 1 Black/White***
Born 03/25/19 - Ready for New Home on Memorial Day May 27, 2019!

Jagger a stunning Tuxedo Male (last born).  Prominent marks  and color lines, and tons of personality so far!


Ozzy is a magnificant Black & White male with awesome colors (first born).  Oh so sweet and spontaneous - alreadly seeking affection!!!!  We may keep him, so please inquire on availability.


Joplin is a stunning calico female with a  distinguing black teardrop mark - oh so beautiful (second born).  She is extremly colorful and very gentle!!!!


Marley is a striking calico female with an absolutely perfect face and demeanor.  She is beautiful in very way and her colors are impeccable and perfect!!!!


Pet Price - $1050
Breeding/Showing Rights - $1500